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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Warm Gingerbread Crackers and Fig Preserves

Busy day in the kitchen. Fiesta Rice for lunch. I ended up baking Gingerbread Crackers with Fig Preserves today. What a gigantic hit. You can make this too. Mary Jane Farms is an amazing resource in both humor and the art of caring for your family and home in her very own get-back-to-the-simple-beauties-of-life ways. It was actually quite sunny today for a chunk of time. The house was filled with light. Loved it.

 I used Spelt flour and had to almost double the oil and water to get the right consistency. I kept adding equal parts oil and water until I got it right ~ a teaspoon at a time. Whenever baking with Spelt, note that you'll have to add moisture in some way.  We made a few Gingerbread people too and we'll add some icing later. As always, we chose someone to share the goodies with and surprised them with a front door delivery. Could there be a better day of lessons? Cooperation, baking, and sharing.

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