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Sunday, February 7, 2010

To Thine Own Family Be True

We had a ruff and tumble couple of months. Just sorta sucked my energy and focus. We've all been sick on and off.  I've got a chronic auto-immune disease that flares up and makes illnesses challenging. But worst of it, my little handsome fella got sick. So sick with Croup, he was in the hospital. Then it became a bacterial sinus infection which led to a reaction to antibiotics. That one bout took him 5 weeks to get back to his normal self. By 8 years old he should have grown out of this but it actually has gotten worse. In all of this, there was a happy accident as we learned he had Sleep Apnea which has just completely changed our lives.

Now we know what's going on. His tonsils and adenoids have always been quite large. Introduce a virus and often his air way is the size of a straw. He's always been a light sleeper both waking often and not waking up completely, even being combative at times. He has had night terrors for most of his life. He hates going to bed -- fears it actually. Never wants to wake up. Complains of tiredness and inability to focus all day. The list goes on and on. Hmmmm... sleep apnea is the root of all these problems?  May be not all the struggles but it was a great reminder that he's doing his best and maybe, just maybe, many of these things are out of his control.

Just having him sleep in a position that keep his air way open has moved things forward. The ENT said that children in his situation, haven't ever experienced the complete person they are because every day is tainted with lack of sleep. Not just not enough sleep. Lack of sleep. Our sweet boy doesn't get REM. That takes a toll on your body and psyche. Did I mention, he sleeps 8-11 hours each day!!!

He'll have a both tonsils and adenoids removed in March. We've had lots of judgement in both directions. Why wait so long? Why do it at all? Haven't you tried alternative methods? What about this? What about that? It's all very annoying. 

I'm so very glad to know who I am. My life is alternative methods which the reason he's done so well for so long. He's seen several alternative practitioners. We've tried herbs, oils, supplements, rinses, gargles, foods and energy work.  He's been sick twice more since the hospitalization. I do not sleep soundly as I'm always repositioning him while he sleeps. Worth it, but taking it's toll on me.

The point of this ramble? To thine own family be true!! You are all always doing your best. You know that feeling in your belly? Listen to it. Teach your child to listen to it. Have talks about it. Learn to pull back the veil of fear and get to that belly feeling. That knowing... often called intuition... will hold your hand and guide you in every situation. While it is very challenging to remember that others opinions of you are none of your business,  I do find it easier to remember that others opinions are always a reflection of their journey and their need to learn about themselves. Compassion for your self and others, will never lead you astray and neither will your intuition.

Here's one of my favorite authors Sonia Coquette and one of my favorite books "The Wise Child".