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Thursday, December 10, 2009

It be Cold Outside

Frost dances across our windows. Streets are iced and shining. Branches are breaking from the weight of the snow. And the temperature is well below zero. Hello Winter.

Worked for the man today. In order to do that, I had to leave the house. Which meant I had to drive the van. And that involved getting up early enough to leave time for the van to warm up.  Where I live you never let your gas tank get less then 1/2 empty in the winter and you let your car idle to warm up before you drive it when it is cold. Ignoring these two guidelines can leave you frustrated and stranded.

I woke before my alarm this morning at 530am. What's a mama to do? It was pristinely beautiful outside and so very quite. I got the fire place started, made some chai and plopped my self down to watch the sun rise... and yes, be on line. But it was glorious and it was my time. Did I mention the solitude?  And I was early for work. ( ps. work, please don't expect this... ever.)

I've spent way too much not enough time going through Q's baby pictures. Oh me, oh my, my heart is a glow. I love being his mama. I'm going to share them with him tomorrow. Off to my warm bed.

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