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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Our Lilac and Rose Bush
So suddenly, winter is upon our home and life.  We've been preparing for Holiday gatherings and the sharing that happens with the shortest days of the year.  Q and I are working on a gift or two for those we love.  I have been quite busy bakin' and makin'.  I really do love it. It keeps me so in the moment.  

This is our 6th gingerbread house season and our first to make the house from scratch. And of course, there are plenty of cookies too. I added the challenge of making both GF/DF and traditional wheat based doughs.  This one comes from Cynthia Lair's "Feeding the Whole Family".  I substituted Buckwheat (2 cups) and Sorghum Flour (1 Cup).  I've been kinda surprised how much easier 
GF/DF recipes are getting to be.  Q demands complete control of decorating so I thought it would be fun to make several of them for our friends too.  Sorta nuts. For sure, not well thought out. And most definitely, lots of fun. Be prepared for a mess and lots of stickiness.

I have been overcome by the need to try new recipes. One of the best holiday treats I found, was Candy Cane Truffles.  How could something so heavenly be so sinfully easy to make? I made both milk chocolate as the recipe indicated and vegan GF/DF substituting DF/GF dark semi-sweet chocolate chips and coconut milk instead of cream. The recipe yields about 20-25 truffles. I will be making more of these babies. 

clearly proving the need for aprons
Finally, the joy of giving the delicious Spiked Cherries we put up last summer, to our friends and to ourselves, of course! Yummo and packs a wallop. We have to remind ourselves to not over indulge as the sweetness and warm juices do try to tell you otherwise. The slow warmness that rises up and settles in, brings you into the moment and leaves you deeply satisfied. 


  1. Those candy cane truffles look amazing. I'm going to have to give that recipe a try!

  2. You have been busy! All looks amazing. :)

  3. Busy, busy gal! Nice! For some reason I've not been into baking this season, but I HAVE been crafting like crazy.

  4. Thanks. Nikole: you're gonna love how easy that recipe ease. And it lends itself easily to variations. Keep me posted.