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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Living & Creating

Avoidance. Avoiding what needs to be done. And yet, hadn't been doing a whole lot of what I wanted anyway. Needs to be done? Who says? Isn't what I am doing in the the moment, exactly what I need to be doing? Moving towards the edges of loving what I'm doing while I'm doing it and letting go of everything else. Keeping my energy on what I love. Loving where my energy is at. And learning that it takes less time to get something done by just doing it. Simple and oh so challenging.

As winter settles in, we're settling into a rhythm for the darker days. I'm over the half-way point of overhauling my studio. Owning my artist within. She's so excited. Reminding me daily, that I can make art anywhere, for any length of time. (sighing with joy)

Home care and Family care are always on the agenda. How much, for how long and to what extent remains flexible. And the whole family is participating. Almost as awesome as making stuff.  The family is moving more and playing more. The smeench is working on stretching and growing his comfort zone and those hard developmental milestones where we learn to find joy in everything including care of self, care of belongings and care of the furry family members. Learning to love what we do so we have lots of time to do what we love. As always, the boy and I are in rhythm together. The Big Handsome Fella has been getting up at the crack of dawn and playing at the gym. Interesting how that has brought joy to all of us.

Just shy of one year since my last post. Lots of living and no writing. Sad and true. The Little Handsome Fella had his tonsils and adenoids removed. The nuttiness that is my life, included my mother falling down our stairs the morning of his surgery and breaking her ankle. One month later, she promptly fell and broke her other ankle. Same surgery on both ankles. Lots of me caring for them and PT appointments for the boy too. Both are recovered and thriving. We took care of each other and we healed.

Sometimes you wait. Sometimes you plan. Sometimes you do. Sometimes you are fast. Sometimes you are slow. Sometimes you are bored. Sometimes you are creative. All times you are living. I hope you are loving and having joy. Here's a peek into some of our past year of living, loving and joying.

Lots of Football...
literally told me, "not cool"
love the 'tude

Lots of out door time camping and exploring...

Kohler Andre State Park

Lots of growing and cooking...
part of our garden

our first pick, many followed
roasted 6 pans of these

Lots of Community Time...
Willy Street Co-op Party

Pride Parade


Lots of people's voices being heard... 
President Obama
DC Rally for Sanity

Lots of making stuff...

bird mobile for baby Bennie
ball for Abbie

Lots of fun...

the only way i play golf

science & fun

more art

zombie & "scared to death"

Lots of Family time...
George Webbs & Milwaukee Zoo

gave in to his joy & let go of my fears